June 24, 2022

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Top 3 LinkedIn Automation Tools for Marketers

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Social media marketing is a time-consuming process that usually can’t be done in a single day or week.

Marketers often invest months (even years!) building and growing their social profiles. But what if I told you that there’s a way you can speed up your social marketing efforts? What if there’s a way you can become a more efficient social media marketer?

Enter the age of automation. By its most basic definition, automation is the technique of making a process operate automatically. This is usually accomplished through technology that can control and monitor services intuitively. So, if you want to automate your social media, you have to use technology (automation tools) to do some tasks for you.

Top 1 – Octopus CRM

Trusted by more than 10,000 users and considered a leader in automation and LinkedIn lead generation, Octopus CRM is currently the best tool for LinkedIn marketers. With Octopus CRM you can send bulk personalized messages, auto endorse skills of first-level contacts, visit profiles, and create campaigns for you and your team members!

What’s more? Octopus CRM is very easy to use. Even first-time marketers can easily navigate the software without much problem. If you’re still having a hard time, there are training resources available to help you. But what Octopus CRM does best is lead generation on LinkedIn. It’s one of the best in automating all lead generation tasks which are crucial for B2B marketers.

If you’re also worried about your weekly limit on LinkedIn, you’ll be glad to know that Octopus CRM allows you to bypass this limitation. In fact, you can send as many as 500+ connection requests per week without risking your LinkedIn account.

If you’re using LinkedIn for sales prospecting, Octopus CRM proves to be a good automation tool. It makes LinkedIn prospecting very easy and fast for marketers, financial advisors, and business owners!

Another great thing about Octopus CRM is that it can be used with all LinkedIn account types….

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