June 27, 2022

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The power of unlimited paid holiday: how the right employee benefits (and employer attitudes) drive team performance

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At this stage, the next person to point out that the pandemic has led to a shake-up of working culture is unlikely to win any of the major prizes in this year’s Most Observant Commentator Awards.

For those of us who specialise in non-traditional and displaced working practices, issues like remote and hybrid working have dominated the conversation in recent times – and it can be tempting to carelessly throw topics like unlimited holiday onto that pile.

Alex Dick, Managing Director of Alexander Lyons Solutions explains that would be a mistake, however – not only because it’s an idea well worth exploring, but because unlimited paid holiday was making mainstream news before the pandemic hit.

For the uninitiated, unlimited holiday is as simple as its name suggests. Rather than assigning employees a set number of days for leave, workers can take as much holiday as they want – fully paid.

Of course, workers can also – and this is where the waters get murky – take as little holiday as they like. In the hands of an uncaring or unscrupulous company – and there are plenty around – unlimited leave can exert so much pressure on an employee that they refuse to take any holiday at all. This is a recipe for burnout.

That’s why it’s so important to talk about unlimited holiday: not only to explore a practice that can lead to employee and business benefits alike, but to ensure that we implement these practices in a sensitive fashion that genuinely puts employees first – rather than just paying lip service to mental and physical health while squeezing staff dry.

The business case for unlimited holiday

In many roles and across many organisations – including our own – the key metric by which we judge success, productivity, and good work is simply performance.

If workers achieve the appropriate number of goals, whether that be sales recorded, projects completed, or books balanced, then their performance can only be described as strong.

And, of course, the…

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