October 24, 2020

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Spawn On Me with Kahlief Adams Joins the Fanbyte Podcast Network

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Riendeau herself adds, “I couldn’t be more thrilled to have Kahlief and Spawn On Me join us. I’ve long been in awe of Kahlief, his energy, and his ability to bring positivity to the discourse. At the same time, I admire his ability to treat difficult and essential subjects with respect, honesty, and humanity. I can’t wait to collaborate with him and have him here on our network!”

For Kahlief Adams, it’s about the support needed to realize his wildest dreams for Spawn On Me. Adams says, “When Fanbyte approached me about being the first external show brought into their network, I was amazingly excited. Knowing the pedigree of both John and Danielle’s work made me know that joining forces would be a no-brainer.”

“I know that I’ll have the backing of a huge network that can enable me to grow Spawn On Me in new and exciting ways and they get what I believe is one of the best podcasts on the planet talking about video games through an unfiltered prism of Blackness. I’m infinitely excited at how we can break new ground in the podcasting space and doing that work with people I respect is icing on the cake.”

Fanbyte Media is one of the largest digital media networks in the world focused on games, culture, and conversation. Founded in 1999, Fanbyte has celebrated the passion and diversity of gamers around the world.

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