December 7, 2023

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Navigating the UK Roads – Cycling Tips for Beginners

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Cycling to work is an increasingly popular way for commuters to save time and money.

Not only is it a convenient option, but cycling to work can also help reduce air pollution, improve mental health, and increase physical fitness. However, when commuting by bicycle in the UK you must ensure that you are safe on the roads. With the below tips in mind, cyclists of all experience levels can enjoy their daily commute safely and effectively.

Equipment Needed for Cyclists

When cycling to work, it is essential to wear the necessary safety gear including a helmet that meets safety standards, reflective clothing for increased visibility in low-light conditions, and brightly coloured outerwear. Lights are also essential for night riding; cyclists should use  a headlight and rear light to alert other road users of their presence. Additionally, cyclists should have an emergency kit with basic items like a spare tire or inner tube, patch kit, multi-tool, chain lubricant and pump.

Weather can present unique challenges when commuting by bike so it’s crucial to be prepared. Waterproof clothing such as rain jackets or ponchos will help keep riders dry during wet weather, while insulated layers can provide additional warmth on colder days. In extreme heat or cold conditions, moisture-wicking apparel can help regulate body temperature while biking. In case of sunny weather, sun protection such as a hat, sunglasses with UV protection and sunscreen lotion is also key.

For comfort purposes, several items may also come in handy during your commute, such as gloves for added grip when handling handlebars and padded shorts, which reduce pressure points from contact with the saddle seat on longer rides. Other helpful cycling accessories include mudguards to protect against water spray from tires on wet roads and cargo racks designed for safely carrying backpacks or other bags containing work supplies. Finally, having a reliable lock is essential for securing your bike at its…

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