February 8, 2023

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How to ask for a raise — even if it’s your first job out of college

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Being underpaid is a common complaint, but most people, especially recent college graduates, don’t ever ask for a raise.

Let’s face it, conversations surrounding money, especially asking for more of it, can be rather awkward and intimidating. But what most people don’t realize until much later in their careers is that you aren’t automatically going to get a raise for doing a good job. Sometimes you will — but not always.

“There’s this strange dichotomy in the American workforce where we’re supposed to hustle and work hard which is ingrained in us from K-12 and onwards that we need to be hard workers,” said Anna Camp, a senior student specialist at George Washington University. “Then there’s this disconnect,” Camp said, where workers aren’t asking questions, they aren’t asking for better wages or better work environments for themselves.

Anna Camp, senior student specialist at George Washington University

Source: Anna Camp

The combination of feeling that a lot is expected of you in the workplace and that you’re not a good advocate for yourself can result in an unhappy or toxic work environment.

“I think that has bled into some of the problems we’re seeing where, instead of having those conversations, we’re leaving for a better opportunity,” Camp said.

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Some people think it could jeopardize their job or their standing in the company if they ask for more. In fact, though, the worst outcome is that the boss will say no, while they gain in respect for their confidence and assertiveness. The best that can happen is that the employer agrees with you and, if there is money in the budget, you’ll get that raise.

Now, this doesn’t mean ask for a raise the minute you walk in the door or just for no reason. There are a few things to keep in mind when asking for…

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