February 3, 2023

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AI’s big potential in the Philippines

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BCG Manila at the forefront of AI’s growth in the country

Artificial intelligence, or simply known as AI, is one of the technologies that is beginning to reshape organizations and businesses in this time of rapid digitalization. With its numerous capabilities, AI is starting to be applied in various sectors, and its potential is being recognized and maximized in many markets.

Here in the Philippines, as businesses and organizations are starting to pay attention to the benefits of AI, there is no doubt that AI has a growing potential that should not be missed. For Julian Cua, Principal at Boston Consulting Group (BCG) Manila, the country’s strength in the technology field, coupled with emerging talent, sets a good foundation for AI’s growth in the Philippine market.

“We are able to have a lot of talents in things like programming, machine learning, engineering, data analytics, and many more,” Mr. Cua told BusinessWorld in an interview. “I do think as well that we have a good advantage when it comes to [learning] the English language, which is important for some AI applications such as natural language processing. That gives us an edge over other countries.”

The next moves for the country to take, he continued, should center on building an ecosystem that allows AI and AI-related talent to thrive and stay in the Philippines. “There needs to be good local demand and adoption for AI applications. This fuels the demand in the job market,” he added.

Mr. Cua notes that this ecosystem has started and is expected to develop in three areas, namely, 1) big companies and conglomerates that invest in advanced analytics and incubate them within their own companies; 2) startups and tech companies which are digital by nature, know the power of AI, and have the capabilities to attract and train talent; and 3) the government, as it has started pushing for digitalization through programs such as QR code interoperability and the national ID system.

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