June 1, 2023

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7 Ways to make passive income from rental properties

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Hey there! Tired of the daily grind and yearning for a better way of living? Passive income from rental properties might be just what you need.

By investing in rental properties, you can create a steady stream of income that requires little effort on your part. You’ll be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor without sacrificing your precious time.

In this article, we’ll reveal 7 proven ways to generate passive income through rental properties, so you can finally live life on your own terms. From Airbnb to long-term rentals, we’ll cover the different strategies you can use to maximize your rental income. So, whether you’re a seasoned real estate investor or a beginner, get ready to discover the ultimate hack to creating wealth and financial independence through rental properties.

Traditional Rental Income (Long Term)

Renting, in general, can be a fantastic way to generate passive income, and traditional rental income is a tried-and-tested method for doing just that. You can count on a steady income stream each month by leasing your property to long-term tenants.

A good way to earn big with traditional rental systems is by owning properties in prime locations. Usually, top-end locations bring in huge rents regardless of the type of property involved.

For perspective, The Continuum – a condo freehold development in Singapore – is billed to bring home top dollars in rents for unit owners over the coming years. This is primarily because it’s situated in a prime Singaporean neighborhood.

Truly, as far as traditional rentals are concerned, location is key.

That said, before you dive into traditional rental systems, get familiar with the pros and cons.


  • Consistent cash flow
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy expense prediction


  • Longer tenant commitment
  • Potential for bad tenants
  • Limited income potential

Short Term Rentals

Short-term rentals include leasing your property for a couple of days or weeks all at once, commonly through web-based platforms like Airbnb and…

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