June 29, 2022

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6 Proactive Cybersecurity Practices to Fend Off Costly Cyberattacks

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In the modern age, a reactive approach to cybersecurity is nowhere near enough.

Businesses already spend an average of over £855,000 per cyber-attack. And even after a successful cleanup, chances are the business will not recover its profitability and brand image prior to the breach.

That’s why taking a proactive stance when it comes to cybersecurity is critical.

What is Proactive Cybersecurity?

Proactive cybersecurity does exactly what it says on the tin.

It focuses on making your company’s IT infrastructure protected against cyber-attackers—putting a stop to their advances before they wreak havoc.

This way, any cost associated with resolutions can be avoided outright.

Below are some ways your business can adopt proactive cybersecurity:

1. Invest in Breach and Attack Simulation

Any self-respecting enterprise today should have an existing cybersecurity stack in place.

The question is, how effective are your cybersecurity solutions? Can they reliably avert cyber-attackers using modern tactics?

Those are the questions that a Breach and Attack Simulation or BAS can answer.

In layman’s terms, BAS works by stress-testing a company’s present security controls, including but not limited to:

  • Intrusion Detection System or IDS
  • Antivirus software
  • Hardware authentication devices
  • Network firewall
  • Email server filters

Once these security controls are identified, the next step is to configure automated tests that evaluate them for vulnerabilities. And when the results are in, auto-generated reports will be sent over to the organization’s cybersecurity team.

As a bonus, these reports will include remediation options. This way, the company gets the opportunity to fix potential attack vectors before actual hackers can exploit them.

What makes Breach and Attack Simulation effective is the fact that most of the process will be automated.

To keep organizations protected against the latest attacks, BAS solutions also obtain threat data from multiple sources,…

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