Which chart are you looking at? [Video]


The market has been well bid in recent weeks, though rallies have also been very well capped, with the medium-term outlook still favouring lower tops and lower lows. Look for the latest daily close back below 113.00 to strengthen this outlook and accelerate declines. Only a close back above a previous lower top from the Fall of 2017 at 114.75 would compromise the bearish outlook.

In this analysis, we take a look at USDJPY each day, highlighting all of the need to knows for anyone looking to extract up to date information on major levels and relevant trends, both short term and longer-term. The analysis is designed for the trader, investor and even those simply holding Yen or US Dollars, looking for an idea of where they may want to consider making that next conversion.

The USDJPY update is new each day and is presented with an added layer of animation, in an effort to make the analysis as engaging as possible, while also communicating the message with respect to key trends and levels in an easy to understand, seamless manner with great value add to all.

2018-10-23 05:21:00

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