There is no Bear of the Day Today – March 17, 2020


For “Bear of the Day” I had initially picked a publicly traded restaurant chain and started to tell you why they might be in financial trouble. A restaurant that I myself actually really like. But like a lot of restaurants, it seems like no one is going to go there for a while.

Then I realized that 15,000 people work there and they don’t need or deserve me bashing their company. They make their living there. We all need to make a living. The concept of human cooperation is what makes our lives as wonderful as they are.

So instead of “Bear of the Day,” here’s a story I tell my close friends about what an “economy” means.

Imagine if you and I were the only people on Earth that we knew, we lived next door to each other, and we both wanted to grow things to eat on our respective plots of land, but there were some big rocks in the way that neither of us could lift by ourselves.

On our own, either one of us could shove on those big boulders forever and they wouldn’t ever budge…

But if we helped each other and we each grabbed one end of a huge rock, we could get the whole place cleaned up in one afternoon and start planting vegetables before the sun went down.

Now multiply that by 7 billion. That’s how our world works.

We help each other do things and everything goes much better for all of us because of that.

That’s what time it is.  We’re all in this together. Help your loved ones, friends and neighbors as much as you possibly can. If someone needs to move a rock, grab the other end.


2020-03-17 10:45:00

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