Teens struggle to figure out how to use rotary phone


Seventeen-year-old cousins Jake and Kyle Bumstead were tasked with learning how to use a rotary phone in four minutes, but they couldn’t quite get the hang of it in time.

Kevin Bumstead, of Chicago, decided to challenge younger family members on Christmas after seeing a similar YouTube video.

The hilarious video of his son Jake and nephew Kyle has now been viewed on Facebook more than 16 million times as of Friday.

“My money was on them not figuring it out,” Kevin Bumstead said.

In the video, they can been seen struggling to figure out how dialing the phone works. Neither teen had ever seen or used a rotary phone before.

For the first two minutes, they were attempting to dial a phone number without first picking up and holding the receiver.

“Do we have to pick up the phone and then do it?” Kyle asked in the video.

“Put the phone to your ear. What do you hear?” someone off camera said. “ What does it sound like?”

“Doooooooo,” Jake said, imitating the dial tone.

Bumstead challenged three other groups of younger family members who also had four minutes to dial a phone number on a rotary phone.

A 25-year-old and two 22-year-olds knew right away. Two 20-year-olds took some time to do it, but figured it out. The 14-year-old and 12-year-old girls figured it out in less than 90 seconds because they had rotary phone toys when they were younger, surprising Bumstead the most.

Jake and Kyle have been inundated by responses since the video posted.

“They’re really enjoying their 15 seconds of fame,” Kevin Bumstead said. “Even though they kinda look like goofballs, they’re enjoying it.”

He said that with the success of this video, he has plans to do other challenges in the future.

2019-01-11 18:21:00

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