Samsung reaches final settlement with cancer-stricken employees


In a news conference held in Seoul, South Korea, Samsung’s president of its device solutions division Kinam Kim admitted that Samsung failed to “sufficiently manage health threats” in its semiconductor and liquid crystal display manufacturing facilities. Sharps, a Korean activist organization, has documented more than 200 individual cases of workers suffering from illness after working at a Samsung plant. Around 70 of those workers died, according to the company.

The apology and compensation promise mark the end of the company’s more than decade-long standoff with its former employees. The controversy started in 2007 when taxi driver Hwang Sang-gi refused to accept a settlement from the company for the death of his 23-year-old daughter, who died from leukemia after working at a Samsung plant. Samsung admitted to failing to respond to issues in its plants in 2014 and launch a fund that will pay out 100 billion won ($85.8 million) to compensate employees exposed to dangerous working conditions in 2015.

2018-11-24 16:35:08

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