RM430m seized by Swiss gov’t doesn’t belong to us


1MDB has clarified that it does not claim ownership over the CHF104 million (RM430 million) seized by Swiss authorities.

Instead, 1MDB claimed the seizure revolved around a dispute between Swiss banks and the Swiss government.

“According to the Swiss Finance Minister Ueli Maurer, the relevant banks have disputed the actions of Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (Finma) and are appealing the action in the Federal Administration Court.

“Thus, the CHF104 million is being claimed by the relevant banks. It cannot be claimed by 1MDB or the government of Malaysia as the money does not belong to 1MDB,” it said in a statement today.

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1MDB said the amount was the disgorgement of profits ordered by Finma against certain banks, which allegedly violated Swiss law.

“Therefore, the CHF104 million is a result of a fine by Finma, on certain banks,” it said.

1MDB insisted that none of its funds had been misappropriated.

“Finma itself has stated that only those ‘directly damaged’ by the alleged actions of financial intermediaries in Switzerland are able to claim a share of any fines and that too, only through a legal process.

“1MDB has previously stated and reiterates that it has not lost any money and that all its monies are fully accounted for,” it added.

2018-03-14 00:39:00

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