Pineapple challenge to market unsold harvest


The Association of Agricultural Officers and the Kerala Pineapple Farmers Association have joined hands to launch a “pineapple challenge” to address the issue of large quantities of unsold harvest in the market.

It is pointed out that the current restrictions have impacted transportation of the fruit and shortage of drivers also affected the movement within the State. Given the situation, the officials and farmers have decided to sell A grade pineapple based on a minimum order of 100 kg at ₹20 per kg.

They appealed to traders, voluntary bodies, resident associations etc. to place orders and the products would be delivered at the doorstep. The payments can be made on delivery. This would be a helping hand for farmers as some of them are reluctant to carry out harvesting due to the lack of market access for the fruit.

2020-04-05 07:18:49

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