Jack Dorsey’s move to Africa is ‘ill-advised’


KLA Corp.: “Don’t touch it. It’s a very good situation.”

Twitter: “I had gotten more positive on Twitter. I have to admit that I think it might be ill-advised that [CEO] Jack Dorsey spends the next six months in Africa because I think that’s hard … to manage a company from there versus where the rest of its staff is.”

LGI Homes: “That’s a very inexpensive stock, it’s a good stock. Not as good as Lennar, which is what I’m recommending, but it’s good.”

Plug Power: It’s speculative.

Ventas: “I was stunned at that last conference call. … That stock is in the penalty box.”

Cooper Companies: “I think it’s not bad.”

2019-12-04 23:59:00

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