GE is still world class in aviation and healthcare


While you are correct that chronic financial mismanagement has laid low the once mighty General Electric, to say it has lost relevance in the digital era is incorrect (“ Learning the lessons of GE’s steepening decline”, editorial, November 27). Therein lies its ultimate salvation.

General Electric has three primary operating segments: aviation equipment, healthcare equipment and power equipment, primarily large gas turbines. While the extent to which gas power plays a role in the future energy mix is debatable, GE’s aviation and healthcare businesses are world class and highly relevant in the 21st century, as anybody who has flown in an aeroplane or undergone an MRI scan can attest.

Ultimately, the strength and relevance of GE’s operating segments will allow it to successfully restructure and emerge from its present difficulties as a highly profitable enterprise, with viability well into the future . . . at least until humanity migrates to the matrix, that is.

Daniel Mauro
Chicago, IL, US

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