everyID™ Announces the Launch of its Community ID Solution to Address the US Immigration Crisis


MINNEAPOLIS, Sept. 12, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — everyID™, an innovative leader in trusted identity solutions, today announced the launch of its flagship ID card platform.  everyID’s solution is designed to meet community needs for non-documented immigrants across the country.   The solution is a credential-based RFID application allowing communities large and small to easily implement a scalable card identity program, locally, and securely in a matter of days.

Through mobile self-user enrollment and community verification, the everyID™ solution allows users to engage, entrust and participate lawfully in local community services, healthcare and retail loyalty programs. 

“As Presidential candidate Senator Amy Klobuchar commented in the last debate, immigrants don’t diminish America, they are America.  She noted 70 of the Fortune 500 companies are headed by people from other countries,” John Ekers stated.

Ekers went on to say, “Immigrants came here because our policies drew them here.  We wanted the inexpensive labor.  We wanted cheap strawberries, housekeeping and roofing.  We incentivized immigrants with free healthcare, welfare and free education but did not change our laws.  Lacking a federal guest worker program, a community ID can provide an interim solution to those awaiting legal residency or a path to citizenship.”

The core of everyID’s technology is a secure RFID chip within each ID card. The chip technology provides a secure gateway for managing mobile verifications within a federated system.  everyID’s community ID is tamper-resistant, electronically and visually, unlike traditional non-electronic cards that are subject to fraud and counterfeit.  

About everyID™

everyID™ is a division of Stepwise Manufacturing Corp.  With over 50 years identity management industry experience, everyID™ focuses on solutions to satisfy market demands across individual identity, healthcare, retail and transportation markets. 

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No Endorsement. This announcement does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation by Senator Amy Klobuchar on the viability of a community ID or the everyID™ platform. 

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