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Three questions about Elizabeth Warren

1. She has lots of big plans. How would she pay for them?

Ms. Warren has laid out several revenue sources for her various plans, but her biggest idea is to create a wealth tax that would apply to the super rich. She would impose a 2 percent annual tax on a household’s assets above $50 million, and an extra 1 percent tax on assets above $1 billion.

Ms. Warren says the revenue from that tax — estimated at $2.75 trillion over a decade — would cover the cost of her plans for student debt cancellation and free public college, universal child care and the opioid crisis.

3. What about the controversy over her ancestry?

Ms. Warren has faced scrutiny over her claims of Native American ancestry since she ran for Senate in 2012, and President Trump has repeatedly used a slur to mock her over the subject. Ms. Warren has said that she never used her ancestry claims to advance her career.

Before entering the presidential race, she released the results of a DNA test that provided evidence that she had a Native American ancestor. But the DNA test angered some Native Americans, and she has since apologized for the DNA test and for identifying herself as Native American during her career as a law professor.

2019-09-10 19:59:00

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