Company Profile for World Financial Split Corp

World Financial Split Corp. (the Fund) is a Canada-based split share corporation. The Fund’s investment objectives are to provide holders of Preferred shares with fixed cumulative preferential quarterly cash distributions in the amount of approximately $0.131250 per Preferred share representing a yield on the issue price of the Preferred shares of over 5.25% per annum, provide holders of Class A shares with regular quarterly cash distributions targeted to be approximately 8.0% per annum, and return the original issue price to holders of both Preferred shares and Class A shares at the time of redemption of such shares on the termination date. The Fund invests in a portfolio, which includes common equity securities selected from approximately 10 financial services companies in each of Canada, the United States and the rest of the world. Strathbridge Asset Management Inc. (Strathbridge), as the investment manager of the Fund, manages the Fund’s investment portfolio.

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