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Sunday, November 18, 2018
Rezaah Ahmad, CEO, WiseAlpha, a fixed income platform giving everyday investors and savers access to corporate bonds, talks to Joy Macknight about disrupting the lending market and why the corporate debt market is ripe for digitisation.
Silver Mines (ASX:SVL) Managing Director, Anthony McClure, discusses the company’s silver projects, time lines and works program.
The Banker's Adrienne Klasa speaks to Steven Puig, CEO, Banco BHD Leon, about the Dominican Republic banking market, financial inclusion and working alongside fintechs.
22 Mar 2016 - Mesoblast Limited (ASX:MSB) CEO Professor Silviu Itescu discusses the company’s latest trial results and near-term value inflexion points at the ASX CEO Sessions in Sydney.
Julien Revelle, co-founder of Neuroprofiler, which provides risk profile analysis through gaming, talks to The Banker’s Joy Macknight about applying machine learning to investor risk appetite assessment.
Urs Bolt, founder of bolt.now, talks to Joy Macknight about the smart economy and how banks can reap the benefits, as well as the impact cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, will have on the real economy.
Italdesign unveiled its concept, Pop.Up, at the Geneva Motor Show, a vehicle developed with Airbus that uses artificial intelligence for air and ground transport.
Do you know why some newspapers are called "gazettes," or what story the first American paper reported on? Here are some facts about the history of the newspaper.
CNNMoney's Nina dos Santos explains where all the money in the world comes from. Hint - most of it is not actually printed by central banks.
Luxury automaker Rolls Royce unveiled its first SUV, the Cullinan. Customers can get their hands on it at the end of 2018.

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