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Saturday, November 17, 2018
24 May 2016 - Washington H Soul Pattinson & Company Limited (ASX:SOL) MD, Todd Barlow talks about the company’s investments and outlook.
Martin Shanahan, CEO of IDA Ireland, speaks with Danielle Myles about Dublin's merits as a financial centre, the regulatory arbitrage debate, and what's driving UK firms' relocation decisions.
Henry Smith, Middle East and North Africa Director at Control Risks, speaks to James King about the implications of the Saudi-led blockade of Qatar for the region.
Tina Fordham, chief global political analyst at Citigroup, and The Banker's Stefanie Linhardt examine political risk and populism, the potential impact of a Marine Le Pen presidency in France and the disruption Brexit could bring to financial markets
The Banker's editor Brian Caplen interviews J R Lowry, EMEA head of State Street's global exchange, the bank’s provider of data and analytics.
Ruth Wandhofer, global head of regulatory and market strategy, Citi, provides The Banker’s Joy Macknight with the low down on blockchain and its real-life applications.
Intesa’s CEO Carlo Messina tells The Banker's editor Brian Caplen how the bank is raising fee income and cutting costs.
Suma Chakrabarti, president of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development speaks to The Banker's Europe editor Stefanie Linhardt about the EBRD's achievements in its 25 year history, where there is still scope for the bank to work.
Opportunity Network serves as a digital matchmaker for banks' corporate clients. Chief executive Brian Pallas tells Silvia Pavoni how the platform works and what lenders are gaining from it.
The Banker's Stefanie Linhardt speaks with EBRD chief economist Sergei Guriev about the economic outlook for Turkey, growth expectations for the coming years, the potential for overheating in some countries, as well as risks posed by growing populism and corporate debt.

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